Yardley’s Aluminum Inserts Help Loll Designs Pass C2C Certification

Today’s furniture market is becoming increasingly demanding of transparency, including the materials and processes being used to manufacture products. To stay ahead of this demand, outdoor furniture company, Loll Designs, looked to receive their Cradle to Cradle®Certification with the help and support of partners in their supply chain, like Yardley Inserts.

“Our customers from across all sales channels are inquiring about the material makeup of our products, asking if they are truly safe for humans and the environment,” said Greg Benson, Loll Designs’ Founder. “Having transparency with our company and our recycled products that we can share with our customers is the right thing to do, and utilizing a respected third-party certification like Cradle to Cradle gives Loll credibility.”

What is the Cradle to Cradle® Certification

The Cradle to Cradle® Certified Product Standard is a way for manufacturers and other industries to take a closer look at the materials they are using in their products, and the health issues they may be causing within the environment.

The certification looks at the following five different categories, and how well products rate within each of them:

Loll Designs Cradle to Cradle Certified

  • Material health
  • Reutilization
  • Renewable energy and carbon management
  • Water stewardship
  • Social fairness

Products with this certification attached can provide a boost in overall business, and Loll Designs began researching the updated parts needed in order to get their products certified.

Working with Yardley Inserts

Loll Designs previously used Yardley’s brass inserts in their outdoor furniture products, but because brass contains a minuscule amount of lead, they would need to be replaced in order to pass the C2C certification standards.

Due to their long-standing relationship, and Yardley Inserts’ own dedication to reducing their environmental impact, Loll Designs looked to Yardley Inserts to supply them with an alternate insert solution. After rigorous corrosion and pull testing, they chose Yardley’s aluminum inserts as their material of choice due to its recyclability.

The Results

With the help of Yardley Inserts, and along with some other modifications made to their supply chains, 93% of Loll Designs’ products received Cradle to Cradle® Certifications. With their recent certification, they have received positive feedback from representatives, along with attendees from recent trade shows in European countries.

In the coming years, Loll Designs will look to have their entire product line certified, and Yardley Inserts will be right by their side to assist them in their insert needs.

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