Best Threaded Metal Inserts for Wood


Working on a wood application project and wondering what threaded metal insert you should use? Your solution needs to be easy yet secure. Yardley’s threaded metal inserts can be used for a wide variety of applications, with certain inserts working best for wood use cases.

Inserts with coarse or hooked outer threads are ideal for wood applications, designed to have strong pull-out resistance.

Even the type of wood you are using can determine which threaded metal inserts for wood are best. Two types of threaded metal inserts come to mind: Thread In and Press In.

“Threaded-In” Threaded Metal Inserts


Threaded-in inserts are best for softer woods and plywood. Their coarse outer threads cut cleanly into wood applications. Drill a hole the size of the body into the wood for the threaded metal insert. Working with hard woods, such as oak and maple, or working close to the edge of the wood can result in splitting the wood. Consider drilling a hole slightly larger than the outside thread to avoid wood splitting.

For wood applications requiring a threaded-in metal insert, consider the Yardley Fiber-Sert Insert and the Yardley Trisert Insert.

The Yardley Fiber-Sert Insert’s special design makes them ideal for wood, particleboard, ABS and foamed plastics. Large coarse outer threads give great holding power in weaker materials while inside threads stay clean, free of chips. Install with Yardley pneumatic inserter or insert driver. Available in Brass and Diecast.

The Yardley Trisert Insert’s provides strong threads in plastics, soft metals, and wood. Self-tapping, they provide high torque and pull-out resistance.

Install with Yardley pneumatic inserter or insert driver. Available in Brass, Plated Steel and Stainless Steel (Coarse Series in Brass Only).



“Pressed-In” Threaded Metal Inserts

Pressed-In inserts are ideal for hard woods, soft woods, and plywood. These threads only require a drilled hole the size of the body of the insert, making installation quick and easy. The threaded metal insert is then either pressed into place with a clamp or tapped in with a hammer.

For wood applications requiring a pressed-in threaded metal insert, consider the Yardley Sharp-Sert Insert.

Versatile, economical and trouble-free, they offer easy, high-speed installation. Curved hooks and lateral flutes lock them into plastics, particleboard, and wood. Install with ultrasonic or thermal tools or just hammer or press them in. Available in Brass.