Yardley Inserts teams up with Loll Designs to produce outdoor furniture for large cruise liner

Yardley Inserts and Loll Designs teamed up again, this time to provide luxury, outdoor furniture for one of the largest cruise ships, Carnival’s Victory. Loll Designs is a designer and manufacturer of durable, all-weather, outdoor furniture and accessories made with recycled plastic.

After receiving the large order for the ship deck furniture, Greg Benson, CEO of Loll Designs, knew he was going to need an insert that could resist the corrosiveness of the saltwater environment. To make sure they could provide quality furniture Loll is known for, Benson knew he would have to turn to Yardley for 316 stainless steel variation of the original custom insert created by the insert manufacturer.

Benson reached out to longtime contact Ken Grady, Vice President of Yardley Inserts, after working with him in the past. “I enjoy working with Yardley as they provide quality products with a fast turnaround which allows my team to get the job done and please our customers,” said Benson. “I had another company interested in the job but Yardley, because they produce their inserts in the U.S., could provide the solution faster.”

In their first encounter, Grady recommended a custom insert in a barrel shape as he felt it would work best in plastic. Once that was decided, Yardley sent Benson multiple sample sizes of the custom insert which would undergo extreme testing at the University of Minnesota.

During the testing process, the custom inserts were applied to the furniture and then an Instron machine tested at what force the inserts could be pulled from the chair. The winning custom insert size took 800 pounds per square inch to remove the insert, which was ideal for this specific application.

As for the furniture, it has been onboard the ship and has been used by men, women, and families during every trip out to sea. The fun colors and functional designs allow for people to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

Loll Designs, like Yardley Inserts, proudly makes their products in the USA and provides custom solutions for their customers. To learn more about Yardley’s custom solutions read more of our job stories or submit your own custom job.