Yardley Products Changes Brand Name to Yardley Inserts

Landisville, PA, June 23, 2020 – Yardley Inserts, the U.S. based manufacturer of high quality threaded metal inserts, announced recently a change in their brand name from the previous Yardley Inserts. The change was made to help align the company’s brand appearance to their main product line, threaded metal inserts.

New name, same quality products

“This name change signifies the start of some exciting changes coming throughout 2020,” said Ken Grady of Yardley Inserts. “As focus shifts towards our line of threaded metal inserts, we will be stocking more parts, which will help improve overall shipping speed and provide more same-day delivery items.”

The change is accompanied by an ISO 9001:2015 certification secured in November 2019. The certification helps to cement Yardley Inserts’ priority of ensuring that customer requirements are met via a product that consistently meets quality standards.

Yardley Inserts

About Yardley Inserts

Yardley Inserts has been producing high quality threaded metal insert fasteners in the U.S. since 1946. Yardley’s patented design metal inserts are designed to meet high tolerances across a variety of materials ranging from wood to plastics and available in a multitude of installation options, including pressed-in, self-tapping, thermal, and more.