New Measurement Tool Gives Consistent Results Every Time

Yardley Inserts is a leader in the production of turned metal parts manufactured on multi-spindle screw machines. Our engineers have years of experience working with stock inserts, as well as custom solutions.

At Yardley Inserts, we’ve invested in an Image Dimension Measurement System IM series by Keyence. This new instant measurement tool to be used on all our custom manufacturing jobs for quality performance. It will also be used to test stock line of inserts for a higher percentage evaluation of quality.

Without this tool, measurements used to take a long time, limited people were able to operate the device and you would get varying results depending on the operator.

With the new IM series, measurements are now performed in seconds, and we can perform hundreds of measurements with the single press of a button. Thanks to uniform measurements, you’ll get the custom part you need the first time. In the end, you’ll get the consistent results with a quicker turnaround time.

The new machine automatically records the measurement, so we’ll have it on file in case you need to order more down the road. We can also produce a statistical report to show trends and variations to prevent quality problems before they start.

Our customers have high standards and this piece of equipment ensures we exceed those standards. However, beyond using state of the art equipment for accuracy, we are also completing our ISO standards. ISO standards help develop better regulation internally and give you confidence knowing our products are safe reliable and of good quality.

Learn more about the tools we use to increase precision and reduce risk during our custom manufacturing process.