Manufacturing Day at Yardley Inserts

Every Day is Manufacturing Day at Yardley

This year, the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association’s (FMA) Manufacturing Day is set to take place on Friday, October 4th. Manufacturing Day℠ is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. While the official event only happens once a year, every day is manufacturing day at Yardley.

Manufacturing is an important part of our business, as well as of businesses around the world. As a U.S. manufacturer of high-quality threaded metal insert fasteners, we serve a wide range of fastening applications for OEMs and various other industries. Our applications range from furniture and plastics to medical and electronics and they are all made in the U.S.A.


In celebration of Manufacturing Day, we are sharing this video that outlines how manufacturing has been at the forefront of our company since its founding 60 years ago. We take pride in our manufacturing as a means to help our communities and future generations thrive.

We hope you enjoy this video on the manufacturing efforts of Yardley Inserts. Hopefully it inspires you to support manufacturing in the U.S. and continue educating others on the potentials of modern manufacturing.

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