Whether projects come to us as ideas, sketches or detailed CAD drawings, our goal is to establish material sources and production procedures resulting in quality parts at reasonable costs.


Detailed drawings supplied by customer or generated by Bearon.

Establish sources for material that are dependable, efficient and best suited for the job. Our volume of material usage allows us to achieve savings through purchasing power.


Bar stock is purchased from several suppliers, some of which have been a supplier for over 30 years.

Castings are purchased from several foundries many of which have been suppliers to Bearon since the inception of the company. Good working relationships have been built over 30 plus years.

Materials other than metal are processed at Bearon including truck loads of special PVC pipe.

Water jetter.

The extent of tooling is determined by the type of work as well as anticipated volume and quality requirements.


Basic inexpensive wood pattern for low volume items.

Cast pattern for higher production jobs run on automatic molding machines.

Fully CNC machined patterns for accuracy and higher production.

Basic inexpesive machine tooling for less complicated parts.

More involved floating fixtures with pneumatic clamping.