Yardley Provides Custom Threaded Metal Inserts to RC Jet Boat Manufacturer

Yardley Inserts, a manufacturer of precision engineered threaded metal inserts for a wide range of fastening applications, recently supplied a custom order of thermal threaded inserts to Streamline RC, a US-based hobby-grade RC Jet Boat manufacturer. Yardley operates a range of multi-spindle, single-spindle and secondary machines to produce complex parts and custom solutions. This capability allowed them to fulfill the custom manufacturing request from Streamline RC.

Streamline RC was started by Scott Pennestri. Scott is an engineer by trade. As founder of Design Source Solutions, Scott has worked on products for the consumer, aerospace, and medical industries. As an RC boat enthusiast, Scott has spent the last 18 months developing Streamline RC.

Streamline RC stands out against the competition because they are the only hobby-grade RC jet boat on the market that designs and assembles their products in-house from start to finish. Some competitors purchase NQDs, which are low powered RC Jet boats, and modify them with brushless motors to improve performance. Streamline RC’s Thrasher comes standard with a high-end brushless motor and electronic speed controller.

Streamline RC’s flagship RC jet boat, the Thrasher, will be the most advanced and powerful jet boat on the market. At full throttle, the Thrasher consumes approximately 2000 Watts. A boat with this much power needs to keep its internal parts cool, specifically the internal motor and electronic speed controller (ESC). In order to do this, Streamline RC engineered a process that allows water to pass through the boat internally to reduce the temperature. To create the parts that manage the water flow through the boat, custom thermal inserts were required.

Scott was exposed to Yardley Inserts, and their outstanding work, while working with other companies in the aerospace industry. Streamline RC also wanted to keep the majority of their parts made in the USA, which is another value-add Yardley provides to clients.

With the custom project completed, Streamline RC’s Thrasher is aimed to be in production for this summer. To help fund the project, Streamline RC has launched a Kickstarter campaign.

“Our overall experience with Yardley Inserts was outstanding,” said Scott Pennestri. “When I first approached Ken Grady at Yardley Inserts about the custom part, I was expecting a much higher price and a longer production time. Yardley was able to provide the custom parts in a timely manner and at a very fair price. The customer service through the entire process was amazing as well.”

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