How To: Pneumatic Inserter Installation

Since 1946, Yardley Inserts has been manufacturing high-quality, threaded metal inserts, serving industries ranging from aerospace, furniture design, military, and automotive, to medical. During this time, Yardley Inserts has developed numerous installation tools to make the process of installing inserts easier and more precise, including the pneumatic inserter.

The pneumatic inserter is a threaded metal insert installation tool that installs self-tapping inserts at a rate of more than 800 per hour, setting them permanently within the base material. This installation is typically used in furniture building, recycled plastic installation, and for manufacturing permanent threads.

Steps to install a threaded metal insert with the pneumatic inserter.

  1. First, predetermine the insert size and hole size diameter.
  2. Select the proper insert driver per the thread callout.
  3. While depressing the tongue, hold the insert to the stud, allowing it to thread on.
  4. Bring the tool down to the workpiece, tapping the insert in.
  5. Press the button to reverse the stud, then, bring the tool up and repeat. The pneumatic inserter allows you to complete flush to below surface installation.

To see our threaded metal insert installation tool in action, please watch the video below.


Check out our other methods of installing inserts here. If you have any questions about the pneumatic inserter or our other install types, don’t hesitate to contact us.