Award winning furniture company creates seamless designs with Yardley

As we’ve seen in previous job stories, Yardley Inserts precision-engineered threaded metal inserts are used in a variety of everyday objects. This time, Yardley helped Seaside Casual Furniture, a 100-year old, family-owned and operated company providing high quality, low maintenance outdoor furniture, with a solution to their design dilemma.

Threaded Insert Solution for Outdoor Furniture

Seaside Casual is an industry leader when it comes to design, having won multiple awards for design excellence and manufacturing leadership. However, their design team needed a solution to hide visible fasteners which bring down the aesthetic value. Customers were looking for a sleek, streamlined design.

Seaside Casual x Yardley Inserts

Their design team quickly got to work and started to research different solutions when they came across Yardley’s threaded metal inserts. After production managers had submitted their request for a custom manufacturing order, a member of Yardley Inserts stopped by the Seaside Casual offices to offer their custom insert solution.

“We use them to allow us to hide fasteners in our product line,” Adam Jengo, Buyer Planner at Seaside Casual, explains. “For example, for an arm of a chair, we put a hanger bolt in the leg and then we put the insert in the arm and spin the arm and what it does is it hides any bolts or screws so that it looks nicer.”

Seaside Casual not only sells their furniture to family-owned and big box stores but they get a bulk of contracted orders from hotels & resorts. These clients, in particular, are looking for high quality and aesthetic design to match the overall look and feel of their resort.

Their custom solution also allows flexibility in design as the threaded metal insert has a slot for a regular screwdriver which provides access for easy removal when needed. About 30 to 40 percent of the line uses Yardley Inserts and they continue to use them moving forward as the product lines expand.

The next time you’re on vacation sitting in an Adirondack chair listening to the waves and sifting sand through your fingers just think, a small but mighty Yardley threaded metal insert might be helping you relax.

If you have a unique application and aren’t sure which insert to use, submit a custom manufacturing request and our sales reps will let you know which insert will do the job.