See the Thermal Press by Yardley Inserts in Action

Yardley Inserts Thermal Press SideSave $200 on the thermal press, the inexpensive method for installing metal inserts permanently into thermoplastics.

Yardley Inserts, a manufacturer of precision engineered threaded metal inserts, is offering a major deal on their newest tool for installing inserts into thermoplastics. For a limited time, take $200 off your thermal press when you use the code Thermal200 at checkout! Shop now and save!

Typically, metal inserts are installed with complex ultrasonic equipment that can put a wrench into your manufacturing budget and raise the price of production. The thermal press can do the same task easily and inexpensively for jobs such as prototyping, 3D printing, or low volume production. This solution costs less and is also smaller than most ultrasonic equipment, reducing the footprint in your facility.

The press is also versatile, suited for inserts of any size in practically any thermoplastic. With more than 24 million inserts in stock, Yardley offers corresponding 2D and 3D downloadable CAD drawings to spec out applications.

As displayed in the video, the press allows you to control the temperature to prevent damage to plastic while also providing a strong, permanent installation of inserts with high resistance to rotation and pull-out.

The manufacturing experts at Yardley Inserts are available to provide custom configurations to the Thermal Inserting Press upon request, or to provide samples of threaded inserts. Yardley Inserts manufactures a full line of standard and custom press-in, molded-in, epoxied-in, self-tapping, ultrasonic, and thermal insert fasteners in aluminum, brass, diecast, plated steel, stainless steel and steel.

Looking for a custom solution for your next application? Our custom manufacturing capabilities provide answers to your fastening challenges. Give us your requirements.