World Chess Hall of Fame Chess Set to Feature Threaded Inserts from Yardley

threaded-insert-chess-setYardley’s high quality threaded metal inserts are used for a wide range of fastening applications for OEMs and various other industries. You’ve seen them in outdoor furniture, RC jet boatsfighter jets, and much more. Now you’ll see them in a World Chess Hall of Fame chess set, “Royal Parts”!

April Baker, an artist from Wisconsin, stepped out of the box and created a full chess set out of different threaded metal inserts and other metal pieces. She used Yardley’s molded-in standardized type B brass threaded inserts thru hole to create the bishops of her chess set.

“I liked how that specific insert looked like chainmail.” said April Baker. “When looking around for different inserts, I wanted to make sure the pieces I used were made in the U.S. Yardley’s threaded inserts met that requirement! Yardley also provided me with samples and excellent customer service, which I greatly appreciated.”

Type B Threaded Inserts
Yardley’s molded-in standardized type B brass threaded insert

Before making this unique chess set, April created abstract oil paintings. Unfortunately, April broke her wrist in an accident. This affected the way she held a brush, making it near impossible to paint. But April did not let this accident stop her. She continued to find a way to be creative with her hands.

April eventually found a new medium to pursue during a trip to St. Louis, Missouri. While visiting the botanical gardens, she came across the World Chess Hall of Fame. As April watched the different chess competitions and observed the unique and intricate chess sets, she became inspired to create a chess set of her own that would earn the opportunity to be shown in the exhibit. When deciding on the materials she would use for her set, April chose metal rods and threaded metal inserts that she could screw together because she could roll the pieces on her palms.

Once she completed her chess set, April shared it via social media, where she expected to receive the occasional like or comment. What April didn’t expect were purchase requests for her creation. Now she is turning her new hobby into a full-fledged business under the name Heavy Metal Chess Sets, LLC. With this viral interest in her chess sets, you will now see April’s work in the World Chess Hall of Fame during the month of July, 2016. If you are interested in one of April’s chess sets, please email her at

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