Yardley brass inserts take flight with DroneScape

Yardley Inserts has proudly supplied precision engineered threaded metal inserts for a variety of industries over the years. As the years progress, the custom manufacturing requests become unique as technology evolves. This includes their recent request involving drones.

DroneScape, founded in early 2015, specializes in various drone services including drone training from basic pilot skills to FAA qualification. Not too long ago, drones were just making their debut and the industry wasn’t well developed. Joe Valasquez, the owner of DroneScape, quickly took advantage of the gap in the market and established himself as a reputable source of information.

Yardley Inserts x DroneScape

“As a pilot and professional engineer, I have the credentials to work with companies to help train employees to teach them how to operate drones to survey land, inspect cell towers, and to use during emergency responses,” explains Valasquez.

This training is effective when it’s light outside. But what happens after dark?

According to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rule, Part 107, you can’t fly drones at night unless you have a FAA part 107 license, night position lighting and knowledge of safety concerns for flying at night. Valasquez now sells Drone Night Flight Kits which includes all the tools needed to waiver the night flight stipulations.

The kit, which employs Yardley brass inserts, is designed for the popular DJI Inspire. The lights are used to enable a pilot to locate another drone aircraft as well as help determine its direction of flight. During the design process, Valasquez knew he was going to need a supportive element to attach the lights to the drone.

DroneScape x Yardley InsertsAfter an extensive web search, Yardley Inserts clearly was the leader in high-quality inserts,” mentioned Valasquez. “I requested samples over the weekend and by Monday morning, Tim Bailey of Yardley provided clarification on the product sizing and installation. He recommended an alternate Yardley insert which turned out to be exactly what I required.”

As Valasquez builds out his line of drone accessories, he plans to utilize Yardley because of their products add a level of quality that is unsurpassed.

The Night Flight Kit will be available this month by DroneScape on Amazon. Learn more about DroneScape by visiting their website and read more job stories to learn how inserts from Yardley Inserts are incorporated into countless products.

If you have a unique application and you are shopping for a threaded insert solution, request a sample to see if our inserts will do the job.