Save BIG During Yardley Insert’s Cyber Monday Sale

The holiday season is approaching once again, and that means it’s time to get ready for our EXTENDED Cyber Monday sale. Check out this year’s offers below to see how you can save with Yardley Inserts.

$200 off the Thermal Inserting Press 2.0

An updated version of our simple, inexpensive method for installing metal inserts into thermoplastics, the Thermal Inserting Press 2.0 comes with an all-new digital display that allows for accurate temperature control.

Our thermal press is suited for inserts of any size and has custom configurations available depending on your specific need.

To save $200 on the thermal press, use the codeĀ press2018 at checkout!

10% off Stock Inserts

We offer a variety of threaded metal inserts to fit whatever your unique application may be. Now is the time to re-supply using the code insert2018 at checkout to save 10% on ALL stock inserts!

Purchase your thermal press and stock inserts between 11/19 and 11/30 and save!

Looking for threaded inserts for metal-sensitive electronics? Yardley Inserts offers custom non-magnetic varieties for whatever application you may have. Learn more and request a quote on our website.