Increased Production Capacity Reduces Customer Lead Time for Even the Largest Threaded Insert Orders

In an age when supply chain disruption and long lead times are crippling some manufacturing operations, Yardley Inserts, a division of Bearon Manufacturing, is increasing production capacity so they can decrease lead times on customer orders.

Yardley Adds New Davenport Multi Spindle Machines

Yardley is adding production capacity with new Davenport multi-spindle machinesYardley increased their already extensive production capabilities when we added six Davenport Model B machines to our 80,000 sq/ft, climate-controlled facility in Landisville, Pennsylvania. Before adding the machines, Yardley was already a world-class operation offering over 20 million parts in stock, plus custom manufacturing capabilities. According to Ken Grady, Operations manager, “We’re committed to being a best-in-class partner and making investments in our infrastructure that benefit our customers by increasing production capacity so we can decrease lead times.” And these new machines are doing just that, offering average cycle times of just 2.2 seconds, one of the fastest in the industry.

More Throughput = Faster Delivery

Because Yardley already uses Davenport Model B Multi Spindle Automatic Screw Machines in our shop, integrating the six new units was fast and easy. Grady estimates that based on the fast average cycle time these new machines enable them to produce an additional 57,000 parts per day, or over 340,000 more pieces a week.

“Do you have a 1,000,000 piece order? No problem we can turn lot sizes like that around with ease,” Grady said.

One of the ways these machines are helping boost productivity is through their ability to manufacture up to five parts simultaneously – even complex ones. And, being able to dedicate machines on our shop floor to parts requiring complex setups offers additional benefits because that can reduce the time spent changing tooling and resetting machines.

Continuous Process Improvements – The Yardley Way

Yardley Inserts is consistently focused on ways to provide quality products, rapid delivery, and superior customer service worldwide. Mark Broich, VP of Administration, said this about the investment, “Our team is constantly focused on process improvements, whether it’s through better engineering controls, administrative controls, or process controls.”

Threaded Metal Inserts from YardleyYardley is using these new machines to help support orders for our customers in a wide range of industries notably automotive and custom furniture manufacturers.

And there’s even more expansion planned. Yardley is adding a new environmentally-friendly parts-cleaning machine that offers higher load capacity and the ability to process multiple batches of different parts simultaneously. Plus we’re exploring innovative technologies to further increase productivity and manufacturing quality like automated inspection tools and machinery.

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Yardley Inserts, a leading manufacturer of threaded metal insert fasteners since 1946, serves a wide range of fastening applications for OEMs and other industries. Yardley Inserts offers more than 20 million standard, ready-to-ship, metal inserts as well as producing custom insert fasteners.

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