Bearon Aquatics Introduces Weeds Away

Bearon Aquatics’ new product launches just in time for summer

Bearon Aquatics recently announced the launch of its new aquatic weed removal solution, Weeds Away. This muck blower creates a continuous water current (just like a natural one) to ensure that dirt, silt and muck don’t ruin your aquatic investments. It can also be used as an aerator when pointed towards the water’s surface. 

Weeds Away comes in two versions: W750 and W1000. Both feature a quick disconnect power cord and Dock Mount Kit, a motor that is UL compliant, and stainless components immersed in an environmentally-friendly dielectric lubricating fluid. 

This product is ideal for farm pond maintenance, lake sludge removal, debris removal in ponds, algae control, muck control, aquatic weed removal, and dock weed removal. 

“Like our trusted Ice Eater line, Weeds Away outperforms similar products on the market by being more efficient and environmentally-friendly,” said Keith Roberts, sales manager at Bearon Aquatics. “If you have muck, we have a solution with Weeds Away that we can customize to your needs.” 

water debris removal

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About Bearon Aquatics

Bearon Aquatics, a Bearon Manufacturing company, provides energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly fountains, aerators, Ice Eater, and weed removal products.

The company is committed to producing the most dependable products possible, using the finest materials available while producing the most energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly equipment possible in order to protect our fragile earth.

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